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Quality and safety achieved through a correct implementation is considered of vital importance in order to guarantee the continuity of the Puente Genil Tourism Information Office.

To do so, the Tourism Delegate has decided to bet on the improvement of quality in the whole organisation, through the implementatio of a System of Quality Management, based in Q Regulation for Tourism Information and Reception Services.

This System of Quality Management is governed by the following principles which define its mission:

  • We do undertake to know and carry out our visitors, providers and staff requirements. Their desires and expectations are the best way to achieve their satisfaction and the quality of our service.
  • This quality improvement process must be continuous, systematic, ambitious and based in measurings and data.
  • Respect and protect our enviroment by means of the enviromental aspects our office generates, such as paper or power consumption, through the definition of good work practices and the awareness of our staff of those practices.
  • The mission of the tourism information service must be to act as a marketing tool in charge of the transmission of the tourism offer in Puente Genil to our visitors.
  • The provided information must be global and coherent.
  • We do compromise to continuously improve the quality of the supplied information and the service offered to our customers, as well as the rest of the processes of this Quality Management System.
  • Quality is all staff involved in the process responsability, might it be directly or indirectly.
  • To provide all the necessary resources, material and staff, in order to assure the right operation of the tourist information service.
  • To introduce an efficient and professionalized working method, managing honestly and responsibly the available resources and settling a favourable working atmosphere through the continuous improvement in communication horizontal channels.
  • To make of the Tourism Delegate a leader in the continuous implementation and achievement of the Quality Management System as well as to motivate all staff by means of assigning resources and appointing authorities and necessary responsabilities.
  • To establish this MISSION as a reference framework to define, periodically, its quality objectives.
  • This MISSION will be checked by the Management every year, during the System checking with the aim to adapt it to the reality of the organisation.
  • This MISSION will be provide every year and every time a modification will be undertaken, to each one of the providers of the local tourism sector. The providers will be invited to participate and to be an active element of the service.




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