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Annual Elderly Health Care Sessions.

Annual Elderly Health Care Sessions.

Ricardo Molina Library. Saturday, September 29th and October,  6th, 20th and 27th.

On the occasion of the Week of the Elderly, the Parejo and Cañero clinic, in collaboration with the City Hall of Puente Genil, organizes four lectures aimed at the elders on Saturday September 29 and 6, 20 and in the hall of the Ricardo Molina Library. October 27, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

- ACTIVE MIND: Saturday, September 29th

Training by a psychologist specialist in Cognitive stimulation of the Mente Ágil de Córdoba Clinic, collaborator of Clinica Parejo and Cañero. It will be exposed to "how to detect symptoms of dementia," "how to take care of a family with some cognitive pathology" or "techniques to keep your mind in shape."

- PREVENTING PAIN: Saturday, October 6th

Train the director of the Unidad del Dolor de Córdoba, anesthesiologist specialist in the treatment of pain, collaborator of Clinica Parejo and Cañero. "Techniques to pale the pain" will be exposed, "what are and when" infiltrations "and" information about nerve blockages "are indicated.

- NUTRITION: Saturday, October 20th

To train the person in charge of clinical nutrition of Clínica Parejo and Cañero. Topics such as "what to eat well", "foods that can make you feel better or worse" and "tips for healthy eating" will be exposed.

- MOVING GIVES LIFE: Saturday, October 27th

They teach the personal trainers of Moverte de vida in Clinica Parejo and Cañero, specialized in functional rehabilitation and joint health. They will raise issues such as: "we can all exercise", "if we improve your physical form, we improve your health" and "tips to exercise you at home or in the park."

26-Sep-2018 a 27-Oct-2018

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