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XI Lyrical Festival. Opera Macbeth.

XI Lyrical Festival. Opera Macbeth.

Circo Theatre. Wednesday, October 31st at 9:30 p.m.

The orchestra and choir of the Moldovan National Opera will perform the opera Macbeth, by Giuseppe Verde, at the Teatro Circo on Wednesday, October 31, starting at 9:30 p.m., a performance that is part of the programming of the 11th Lyric Festival organizes the City Council of Puente Genil, through its Department of Culture, in collaboration with the Association of Friends of Music.

The version of the Orchestra and Choir of the National Opera of Moldova has the same format as the original with four acts and almost a dozen paintings. On stage will be more than 80 artists under the direction of Nicolae Dohotaru, with Iuri Matei as stage director and Andrea Battistini as alderman. The choir director is Venceslav Obrucikov and the Art Direction corresponds to Leonor Gago Artist Management. Viewers can view subtitles in Spanish to follow the development of the work.

The libretto, based on the tragedy of William Shakespeare, takes place in the eleventh century and tells the story of Macbeth, general of the King of Scotland, who returns from a military campaign with three witches. They prophesy him that he will become a baron and later a king. Upon becoming a part of the prophecy, Macbeth, driven in part by the thirst for power of his wife, murders Banquo, a comrade in arms and father, according to the witches, of future kings. This fact unleashes a series of tragic events, exposing their greed, greed for power and greed.

Advance sale: First floor of the House of Culture "Mayor Manuel Baena Jiménez", or phone 617453061.

11-Oct-2018 a 31-Oct-2018

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