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Landscapes and memories exhibition, by Manuel Muñoz.

Landscapes and memories exhibition, by Manuel Muñoz.

"Mayor Manuel Baena Jiménez" House of Culture  from November 2nd to 18th.

The exhibition hall of the House of Culture "Mayor Manuel Baena Jiménez" hosts from November 2 to 18 the exhibition Paisajes y recuerdo, a collection of 23 oil paintings by the artist from Córdoba, Manuel Muñoz.


Manuel Muñoz's incipient pictorial work brings together scenes of lively emotion, illuminating compositions in which the performance responds to the impression represented, that is, remembered.

The meticulous detail characterizes his oil paintings of more decidedly rural and landscape vocation. Green auriferous of the vines or vegetation of the cliffs. It is about impressions of firm, strong and vibrant brushstroke.

In his scenes of urban background, of more schematic projection, always surprises the white faint, evanescent, in whose hint it seems to be threaded, with serene palpitation, the sweet remembrance, the grave memory. For this young Cordovan painter, the memory becomes light stopped in towers, churches or cattails; glare that is self-absorbed in facades and sources of timeless lyricism, on covers or mills with gradation of shades of pure invoice.

Let us salute the work of Manuel Muñoz and let us live it guided by that sensed emotion that discovers memory and becomes present in the landscape that transits us.

30-Oct-2018 a 18-Nov-2018

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