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May 2018 Crosses Contest rules published.

May 2018 Crosses Contest rules published.

The deadline for submission will be from May 4 to 11, inclusive.

From May 4 to 11, the registration period will be open to participate in the May 2018 Crossroads Contest, a festivity that will be celebrated on May 18, 19 and 20, and in which social groups and citizen organizations can participate. the locality, being excluded the intervention of commercial establishments, as they reflect the bases.

The fundamental object of the contest is the ornamentation of the "Cross" by flowers, pots and other natural elements or traditional Andalusian character, avoiding in any case the superfluous artificial ornaments, establishing prizes of 500, 300 and 100 euros for Crosses who obtain the highest score awarded by the jury.

The inscriptions will be presented in the electronic entry register of Electronic Office documents that can be found on the website of the City Council, Catalog of Procedures, 0093 Entry Registry, carry out the procedure; for which you must be in possession of digital certification. The deadline for submission will be from May 4 to 11, both inclusive.

The list of facilities ("Crosses") admitted will be announced on the 14th of may. For more immediate information this relationship will be displayed on the page web of the Town Hall, without prejudice to the timely and express notification to the respective stakeholders.
Rules and registration form.

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